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Techpally Tips for High Grade Students to Self-Motivate to Learn

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Techpally Tips for High Grade Students

Techpally Tips for High Grade Students to Self-Motivate to Learn


There are many things to distract students from learning. 

Especially in this digital world where there are more electronic devices children can explore.

It’s not easy to combine social life with learning, but, there’s no excuse to focus on studies and perform better. 

There are electronic devices that aid learning and devices that affect learning negatively by making students think more fun than studies.

Having said these, there are better ways to encourage learning in children rather than being brutal to them. 

At Techpally conference, we discussed parental roles in motivating children to learn and soar higher in academics.

Today, I’d discuss some of the areas that’s less acknowledged.


Ways to Motivate Children to Learn Better

  • Give away potential Sources of interference

Maybe you know that you are the type who is prone to sources of interference (such as phones).

Then it is best to put these sources of interference out of your study room, says Techpally.

Because the saying “out of sight, out of mind” comes into play here.

If you don’t see the sources of interference all the time, you won’t even be tempted to use them again and again.


  • Set Rewards of Interest 

Some students just need something to look forward to while they are studying. 

Therefore, it can be useful to think of rewards that you will get once the learning amount is over. 

Of course, the most reward of interest after studying is free time and thus the opportunity to do what you want to do. 

But other things can also act as rewards, there are no limits to your creativity, says Healthpally consultant.

Some students have real reward plans: A friend of mine has the system that she gets one prostitute for every hour learned. 

With a certain number of prostitutes, she can reward herself with certain predetermined things.


  • Find your Learning Routine

It is particularly effective to create a learning routine, such as a certain time of day. 

It is of course important to know when you can best learn effectively. 

For example, you could get into the habit of doing something for university every morning from 9:00 to 12:00, says Techpally.

This is especially motivating because it lets you know that afterward, you will have the rest of the day to do something else. 

A particular advantage is that you no longer have to motivate yourself to do something for the university every day. 

After a while, it becomes a matter of course that, for example, the morning is only used for university-related things.


  • Keep bringing your successes to mind

It is often necessary to provide several services in one event. 

Do it may be that you have to give a presentation in a seminar, write a seminar paper, and pass a final exam.

All of this will affect your overall grade. 

It is often very motivating to keep in mind what you’ve already achieved, says Techpally news editor.

For example, if you have already passed the presentation with A1, you have already made an important contribution to a good overall grade. 

This way you are more motivated to perform the remaining services as well as possible.


  • Learn with Friends

Understandably, it is boring to spend so many hours each day alone in front of the computer or study material. 

Therefore, a very special tip is to look for a learning partner. 

This works especially well if you know some people well who are attending the same seminar or taking the same exams. 

Then you can make up your mind, for example, to learn a certain amount of material and then to discuss it together and to clear up ambiguities, healthpally advised.

At the moment this is of course only possible via video chat.

So, if you know that a meeting is coming up soon, it will be easier for you to learn because it is always a little embarrassing not to be well prepared.



As a high grade student, we always want to combine good life with studies. 

We play,  have fun and study but sometimes, we fight ourselves hard to study more and perform brilliantly in school.

If you’re finding it difficult to focus on your studies, you should read and reread the above-mentioned tips to help you win your mental laziness towards learning.

Techpally Tips for High Grade Students

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