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20 tips on Social Media Marketing from top experts

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20 tips on Social Media Marketing from top experts


Online business has become popular today, besides designing a website to sell, you also need to know how to implement website marketing campaigns to your potential customers. Since there are hundreds or thousands of websites selling just like you, if you don’t do good online marketing, your competitors will steal your customers.

In this article, Mona Media will synthesize and share with you the useful Social Media Marketing tips of 20 top marketing experts in the world today. This is how they did it to achieve today’s success.

1: Tapping into Twitter to grow your audience

This is the advice about Social Media Marketing from expert Mark Schaefer. He is a book writer, blogger, speaker, and senior consultant specializing in seminars on Social Media Marketing.

Today, to be successful in Digital Marketing, you need to create content that “catches fire” and attracts readers. However, if you are a new blogger, you should probably spend more time growing your audience than just focusing on producing content.

Here are three very simple but very effective tactics that you can use to increase followers on Twitter, which is considered the best platform for this.

Twitter has a lot of communities that are classified by users’ interests, geographic location, or unique characteristics. When you follow these community pages will be continuously updated with the latest information of members sharing in it. If you make good use of this resource, increasing the number of followers is extremely simple. For example, I could be on the list for “Marketing Experts”, “Bloggers” or “Business Lecturers”. Find an influencer to follow. And then on the list of people who followed them, it will be a “gold mine” that helps you find people with interesting similarities to follow and hope they will do the same for you. . It sounds strange but in fact, it is very effective because celebrities are too busy and don’t have time to interact with followers, but when you add followers you at least make yourself a coin. has common interests, and the engagement of these followers will be much higher.

There are plenty of apps out there to help you find celebrity listings in every industry you can tap into, and Twellow will be a great app that will help you reach a large number of followers on the right track. out.

The # symbol is called a HASHTAG. Use hashtags before a keyword on Twitter to categorize the Tweet and make it easier for users to find it on Twitter Search. From there, more users reach you and increase your chances of getting a strong following.

With these tactics, you can expand your audience to reach people who are looking for your products and services.

  1. Analyze past content to improve post quality

Here’s Social Media Marketing advice from Neal Schaffer, president of Maximize Your Social, author of Maximize Sales Methods and Marketing Media Social via LinkedIn.

Most businesses take a long time to do an analysis and re-evaluate the effectiveness of their social media after publishing. Now, there are tools available to help with archiving and analyzing data for best content publishing before posting.

Here’s how to use BuzzSumo to segment content that has been successfully shared on social networks.

First, enter a keyword as part of your social media content strategy. BuzzSumo will give you a list of the top social sharing content by your keywords.

Next, because some content works better on some social networks than others, you can host content by social media. Armed with this data, you can increase the effectiveness of content control by publishing more content that has a greater chance of success on a particular network.

You can also filter content by type (text, video, or infographics…) or filter by time period. Filtering by time allows you to find the most popular content in the last 24 hours or the most frequently shared content in the past year.

3: Optimize visual content with links

Here’s Social Media Marketing advice from Donna Moritz, founder of Socially Sorted.

Visual Substance can act as a portal to more valuable content. When planning “eye-catching”, visually appealing content for your readers to post on social platforms, think about how it can drive traffic to your website, products, and services. friend.

For example, on this SlideShare Constant page, I added a link back to the resource page listing many blog posts with related content.

When readers click, they will go to the page of blog posts related to the topic shared in SlideShare

Link a short video about your website from your YouTube Account or from the Instagram description link and make sure you’re providing a valuable, expansive piece of content around the video. For example, Final Cut King urged his Instagram fans to return to longer content on his YouTube channel by asking them to click on a link in his Instagram description.

4: Maximize Twitter real estate with photos

According to Guy Kawasaki, Canva’s marketing director and advisor to Motorola’s business (Google), said: Twitter Real estate will be effectively optimized with images. This is a way to help your real estate website reach more customers.

“On average, about 6,000 tweets per second are shared on Twitter, corresponding to more than 350,000 tweets sent per minute, 500 million tweets per day, and about 200 billion tweets per year.”

Adding visual appeal to your tweet is a very smart way to get your most important attention. You can add up to four images per tweet or one awesome image if you want, depending on your intentions and choices. To add more photos, use on the Twitter app because this feature is not built-in on any third-party websites yet.

5: Convert the content format

Syed Balkhi, founder of WPBeginner, List25, and OptinMonster stated that: Over the past two years, I have been converting textual content formats for various platforms like YouTube … to increase reach and reach. display.

For example, by turning one of my List25 posts into a weekly video, I’ve grown my YouTube channel to 1.3 million subscribers and amassed over 200 million video views. A similar tactic with WPBeginner articles has increased the number of subscribers by over 8,000 and the channel has increased revenue for my WordPress plugins.

Formatting content isn’t just about video. You can also convert snippets from posts to images – which tend to be more engagement on Facebook. These images allow you to take advantage of the power of social networks like Pinterest and Instagram.

Here’s how I share the “Week of the tip” image on the WPBeginner Facebook page.

Have you written a lot about a particular topic on your blog? Why not incorporate these posts into one ebook and use it to build your email list?

 6: Create a complete social media channel plan

Joe Pulizzi, the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, thinks that creating a Social Media Plan is extremely important, this is also the next Social Media Marketing advice that we want to give readers.

Surely there will be a lot of businesses that feel stuck in having to regularly publish content for all social media tools. Or worse, many businesses create just one type of content and then activate it on any social media platform. This job will greatly affect the effectiveness of the campaign. Therefore, a complete content publishing plan for all online communication channels is essential.

Your goals will vary differently on each social platform. Therefore, the content you develop for those platforms also needs to be different. Below are the elements for the content shaping plan on your channels.

  • Channel (Example: Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest …)
  • Audience (Who are you targeting specifically?)
  • Goals (Sales goals, cost-saving goals or are you trying to provide a better customer experience?)
  • Main content type (Text, video, map info?)
  • Structure (What does the post look like in general?)
  • Melody (Playful, sarcastic?)
  • Channel integration (How does this channel work with your others for maximum engagement?)
  • Desired action (What user behavior would you like to achieve?)
  • Editing schedule (Each channel needs its own editorial schedule.)

And that’s why Content Marketing is not easy. But if you use social media channels correctly and skillfully, then their effectiveness is great.

7: Deliver content consistently

Next will be Social Media Marketing advice from expert John Lee Dumas, founder, and CEO of EntrepreneurOnFire.

One of the best ways to achieve high effectiveness on social media is to create content that is cohesive and consistent with each other. But note there is no overlap.

To do this, you need to have a tool that manages all of your posts in the media to help you easily grasp the overall picture of your Social Media Marketing strategy. From there, you will easily plan and make timely adjustments to increase the performance of your Content Marketing strategy.

Edgar is a tool that allows you to create your own categories of content, saving you maximum time managing and keeping track of your social media post types.

You can also schedule posts indefinitely. With such scheduled post support, you will be more proactive in publishing and managing your content on online media. Additionally, Edgar allows you to upload and edit custom images for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts.

8: Take advantage of the Hangout On Air feature

Martin Shervington is a Google+ Marketing expert that recommends that users make the most of Google Hangout to implement Social Media Marketing campaigns.

Social media success is often about talking to the right people. If you are looking to build a list of potential audiences to reach a chat, then Google+ Hangout On Air (HOA) is a great suggestion for you.

Google+ Hangouts On Air is a feature that sets up a group chat for up to 10 people on the Google+ social network. Besides, HOA also allows inviting an unlimited number of Google+ members to watch that Hangouts session. You can imagine it as a live broadcast. In addition, this feature also supports you to save the conversation and share it on other social networking sites like youtube …

Google+ Hangouts On Air events feature helps you make private chats with the right people and make a difference.

 9: Use hashtags strategically

Peg Fitzpatrick, co-author of the forthcoming book The Art of Social Media and a strategy consultant on social media.

According to Peg Fitzpatrick, Social Medial Marketing advice: If you want success with your social media plan, stop random hashtag tagging actions. Use hashtags throughout your campaign to bring out the best results.

To make sure your hashtag hasn’t been used for any of your competitors’ other campaigns, test it across all channels before using it for your campaign. Then create hashtags, follow, and join the audience in discussions.

To track your hashtag, use websites like Social Mention and Sprout Social. Use TwiPho to search for images with hashtags.

10: Check out how effective Pinterest has been on your brand

Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich, gave the advice on Social Media Marketing: I have always believed that Pinterest is only suitable for organizations selling visual and popular products (like fashion, food, sports…), but one client recently proved me wrong.

A software syndicate – this is a service industry with a fairly narrow audience – has tested Pinterest’s effectiveness in communicating with its niche. They have pinned the “Boards” board of pictures, videos, Powerpoint … related to the introduction of their brand and products.

After only a month, Pinterest became their number one referral source.

And has been there since the test started in June.

Apply and check that Pinterest’s effectiveness with your brand is as good as what they do.

11.Reach potential customers with advertising on social media

This is Social Media Marketing advice from expert Ian Cleary, founder of Razor Social.

It takes a part of time and exertion to pull in guests to your site. When you attract relevant visitors, it’s important to maximize the potential of that visit even if they leave your website.

There are retargeting options available now that will enable you to track your website visitors and redirect them to other sites like Twitter and Facebook and call to action.

In Facebook advertising, you can target past visitors to your website to increase your chances of converting orders.

Your potential customers won’t have an immediate purchase decision, but with a good marketing tactic, you can improve their visibility in their social media streams. From there, increase sales opportunities and increase revenue for businesses.

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