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How to Maintain Your Carpet Appearance

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Carpet Appearance

How to Maintain Your Carpet Appearance

When people step into your home, they bring along with them dirt which soil and stain your carpet. The carpet is usually among the dirtiest surfaces in a home. To keep your carpet clean and attractive, you need to clean it daily and also carry out professional carpet cleaning London. Cleaning your carpet not only maintains the appearance but also makes the carpet last longer. 

These tips below would also help you maintain your carpet for a long time. 

  • Daily vacuuming 

Professional carpet cleaners recommend that you vacuum your carpet every day if you want it to last long. You may think that your carpet does not need vacuuming because it does not look dirty, but a carpet is always messy because it is continuously stepped on. As you or your visitors step on the carpet, you transfer grime and dirt from your shoes to the carpets. This dirt accumulates within the carpet fibres. 

  • Professional steam cleaning 

You should get professional steam cleaning at least 2 – 3 times yearly. Although dry vacuuming can remove stains, bacteria, soil, and dirt from your carpet, you also need a professional to steam clean your carpet. 

A professional steam cleaning involves the use of environmentally friendly, high-quality Carpet Appearance cleaning solutions and industrial cleaning equipment to extract all the foreign objects stuck in your carpet. Professional cleaning also uses a 100 degrees Fahrenheit steam carpet cleaning machine to kill the bacteria in your carpet. This machine also serves as a carpet disinfectant. Your professional cleaner would use an industrial vacuum to remove dirt in your carpet. 

Protect your carpet 

The best way to maintain your carpets for a long time is to protect it from dirt and stain. However, no one wants to worry about where to step on their carpet, and what to do when at home, so you can protect your carpet by doing the following. 

  • Place doormats on your front door and every other entrance and don’t just place the doormats, but encourage anyone that comes to your house to use the doormats properly. 
  • Ensure you replace the doormats after a few months 
  • You could remove your shoes before you step into your house, then wear indoor slippers or sock and encourage others to do the same.
  • If you own a pet, look out for it and track the dirt it carries about
  • Make a paw-wiping station close to the door and wipe your pet with a towel before you let them in

Wipe stains immediately 

When you accidentally spill wine, or food on your carpet, or your pet messes up the carpets, you need to act fast before the stain becomes permanent. 

Immediately do the following if your carpet gets stained. 

  • Blot out the stain- use a cloth that absorbs stain quickly or a paper towel to soak up as much of the staining agent as you can. Try not to scrub or rub the stain as this could worsen it. Gently blot the stain in small sections, so it does not spread. 
  • Blot out the stain again- after some minutes, blot the stained area with a fresh towel working it from outside.
  • Dry the affected area- after you clean the stain, use a dry cloth to reduce the moisture left on the carpet. 
  • Get a professional cleaner-  as soon as you can, contact a professional carpet cleaner to remove the stain.

If you want to avoid spending unnecessarily on always getting a new carpet, you should take maintaining your carpet seriously. Your carpet is a significant home investment, and you do not want it looking unappealing. 


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