Adult Entertainment Actor Natalia Starr Says She’s Looking For A Boyfriend

So, if you fit the above impossible criteria, how should you apply?

Well, that’s simple. The Polish-born porn star said you should DM her on Instagram – an application process which prompted one person to reply, “RIP your inbox, girl.”

As for why she got into adult entertainment, Starr said: “Freedom! Being able to do whatever I wanted! I skipped studying and college and now I am successful.”

But despite having been in the industry for a while now, Starr said she still struggles with the acting side of things.

She said: “Oh my god – every time I try to act. I can’t remember the scripts! I can remember a few words and then I completely forget what I learned. I can’t read it and stay serious!”

While many of Starr’s professional experiences are no doubt very different to most, she did offer up some advice about having confidence in the workplace that applies to all of us.

She said: “I clear my mind and I don’t focus on anything other than the person that I am with. Do not overthink anything – go in there and free ball it!