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5 MUST-DOS BEFORE YOU HIT SUBMIT ON YOUR MBA APPLICATION Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one such degree that is ruling the world of markets right now. MBA is a postgraduate degree that can be obtained after completing the Bachelor’s degree. It is a 2-year course in India which is divided into semester type. This degree is a must-have for all the people inspiring to be a part of the corporate world. There exist some top MBA institutes in India that avail you this post-graduation degree.


There are lakhs of students who apply for this degree every year in different institutions. Many students apply for MBA in Gurgaon as there are some of the top tier institutions in the city that provide Master of Business Administration. There is one main thing that your application should reflect and that is Confidence. You have to be confident and considerate about all the things you put up in your application form about yourself and your academic career.


There are other certain points that you need to keep in mind before you hit submit on your MBA application form. Whether you are putting on the polish for a round one deadline or planning a strategy for the next application cycle; here we have listed five key actions to take before submitting your MBA application. 

  • Make sure you have built a consistent, clear, and logical narrative

One of the main points that you need to keep in mind is that every element of your application when put together should give a unified and clear picture of who you really are. Everything you incorporate in your application for this degree in top MBA institutes in India should be coherent. All of your accomplishments and ambitions, your potential, and your individuality should be clearly depicted. Remember to have a proper balance between mentioning the range of skills and experience you are bound to bring to an MBA program and getting a specific message across. From the details of the application form to your resume, essays, and letters of recommendation, every piece should work in your favor, and tell a consistent, unified story.


Before submitting your application, question yourself- What are the key messages I want to convey, and do they clearly come through in each element of my application? Are there any areas where I can remove unnecessary duplication? Also, pay due attention to the letter of recommendation. The things people say about you and the things you say about yourself should be similar to each other. If there is any inconsistency, your application won’t make it to the final round.

  • Remove any redundancy

The next main thing you should remember to do is to remove any kind of redundancy in your application. Beyond reviewing for consistency and coherency, removing redundancy is also very important. If you have already described your leadership or accomplishment story in the application form then don’t repeat the same story in your essays. If you want to have the reader’s attention with respect to your essay then you should offer uniqueness in the essay. Repeated and over the top stories are considered to be a waste of time for the reviewer. 5 MUST-DOS BEFORE YOU HIT SUBMIT ON YOUR MBA APPLICATION


A common pitfall is writing a resume-to-prose style essay – not only does it repeat what may be cited elsewhere in your application, but it also robs your story of the potential for making an emotional connection. Also, don’t over-focus on some of the details that may not be holding that much importance for your application.

  • Let your authenticity shine

What makes an application to be selected and others to be cancelled is how much authenticity it holds. People always focus on correct and perfect answers for their application form, but you should focus on incorporating the real things, ideas, and values that matter to you. There is no such ‘Perfect answer’ to any application. The admission committee is really considerate about who you truly are beyond your professional excellence and academic triumphs. 


That’s why it is essential to build in substantial time for self-reflection on the front end and ensure it shines through when you hit submit. Introspection will inspire greater self-awareness, which, in turn, will help you to come across as mature and sincere in your application.

  • Ensure your online profile is aligned

Your social media posts play a crucial role in your admission to get into a top-tier institution for MBA in Gurgaon. According to a survey, 40% of the MBA admissions officers visit a candidate’s social media profiles to aid their decision-making. So, make sure your online profile is aligned with your application form as it can help you get into your desired institution.


Before submitting your application, go to Google search, enter your name, and check your online footprint. The things you mentioned about yourself should match your social media image, so accordingly, make it a good one. You should have a strong presence on LinkedIn; at least make sure that your profile is up to date. Have a look at your social media platforms and review the privacy settings on your social accounts and check pictures you have posted. Don’t feature anything that reflects poorly on your maturity or judgment.

  • Don’t rush an unfinished application

It is always better to proofread your application form 2 times rather than submitting an application with several mistakes or submitting it unfinished. Never think that the admission committee will overlook your mistakes. They have a practiced eye, so they can point out any mistake in your application form very easily. Remember to not have any error or sloppiness, such as copy-pasting one section of an essay from another application and leaving in the wrong school name. Other common errors include misreporting GMATs or GPAs or even mixing up your birthdate with the application deadline. 


Double-check your application form and find someone who can review everything –  someone who can critique your applications and give you objective and candid feedback.


One selection or rejection can make a huge impact on your career, so put your best step forward whenever you are applying for the top MBA institutes of India. By just paying a little bit of attention to every aspect of your form, you will tend to be a step closer with respect to your selection. Remember to keep the aforementioned points in your mind and you will be all sorted.


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