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3 Custom Sleeve Box Considerations You Absolutely Can’t-Miss

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3 Custom Sleeve Box Considerations

3 Custom Sleeve Box Considerations You Absolutely Can’t-Miss

3 Custom Sleeve Box Considerations You Absolutely Can’t-Miss Today, we aren’t going to tell you all the ways in which custom sleeve box can benefit your business because you probably have a good idea about that. We will tell you how to make your custom packaging sleeves work for you. If you are planning to use bespoke sleeve boxes to market your brand and product efficiently, think about all the ways your target audience could come into contact with them. This means you shouldn’t just consider the shop floor and online and consider how it will look out on the street. Using the following three tips will allow you to design the perfect bespoke sleeve box with ease.  

How your Custom Sleeve Box will Look when Customers Carry it Along?  

Though often ignored, customers can be your walking billboards in their own way as they hit the streets with your custom sleeve box. This shows your packaging design considerations go far beyond the box or the initial tissue paper that you use to cover the product. Of course, no one could see your sleeve box if it will be carried inside a bag. But the worst part is an unbranded bag or box revokes your marketing efforts and bar your brand from getting its name out there. 

Ensure your brand logo and name are visible on the packaging because it will help build brand recognition. Though fancy font styles look sophisticated and charming, they can be hard to read from a distance. Instead, pick a plain font style that’ll go outside the custom packaging sleeves because it will be easier for onlookers to read the text.      

To catch the customer’s eye, think about adding some dramatic effect to your packaging. Perhaps, placing a bright tissue paper inside the sleeve box can work wonders for you. And if it slightly pokes out of the box or bag, it will make your brand look more premium, which will undoubtedly impress your customers. Customer experience is critical, especially if you are planning to sell your products via brick and mortar stores. 

Does your Sleeve Box Align with the Rest of your Branding? 

Choosing a sleeve box design that doesn’t resound with the rest of your branding will create confusion among your ideal customers. 

This happens when you choose a generic design that thwarts your marketing efforts rather than intensifying them because, unlike custom packaging sleeves, they aren’t exclusively associated with you. For example, it’s hard to associate minimalist white packaging with another smartphone brand than iPhone. To stand out of the herd, use a unique design, color gamut, and patterns.   

Persisting with one design can make your custom sleeve box outdated. An excellent way to cause a stir and make your packaging more enticing is to embrace seasonal packaging designs. 3 Custom Sleeve Box Considerations

An ingenious way to do this is to fuse a novel design with your original logo and brand name. Use it on special occasions like the holiday season, Thanks Giving, Easter, or more.  

While the new design gives your brand a fresh appeal, the original baseline elements will ensure that your customers won’t switch to another brand.  

Are you Encasing your Products in Functional Packaging?

If your custom sleeve box fails to do what it is intended to do, you are highly likely to have unhappy customers even if it’s well-branded. Functionality should be the prime consideration when it comes to choosing your packaging materials. 

Besides being functional, if your packaging is easy to dispose of, it will further add value. How? In the present day, customers are more conscious about keeping their planet clean, so they have a preference for brands that are packaging their products in sustainable boxes.  


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